We are truly humbled by the support, appreciation and recognition our publication has received from our own community and from the wider public since the inception of the BBPI publication back in 2012. We are proud to say that in this relatively short time, our work, time and efforts to highlight the very best of the British Bangladeshi community has made our small publication the main point of reference for everyone from the mainstream media, political parties, government departments, industry bodies and in particular for the next generation looking for their role models from within the community.

BBPI was created to showcase the remarkable achievements of the British Bangladeshi community and we now celebrate the 50th anniversary of the independence of Bangladesh. Each publication has gone from strength to strength reaching all corners of the globe and sharing the stories of the immense talent and exceptional achievements of our inspirational figures from the British Bangladeshi community. We have used the publication to focus on commemorating the racist murder of Altab Ali in Brick Lane in 1978 and the consequential birth of the British Bangladeshi identity. We have been touched by the level of support and feedback received for this work and there is clearly a need and an appetite to learn more about our shared history and preserve our heritage stories for generations to come.

2021 is an exciting milestone, it is the 50th anniversary of the creation of the independent Bangladesh and we are delighted to invite you to join us on the next part our BBPI journey. In conjunction with 50 years of nationhood, we are embarking on a new project to document 50 years of the British Bangladeshi identity and experience.

BBPI 50/50 will recognise the most inspirational figures from our community who were pioneers and who laid the foundations to the success, contribution and achievements of the community today. We will work with friends across the UK to identify and tell the stories of the forefathers, the men and women of our community who have against all odds sowed the seed for the British Bangladeshi identity.

This will be an unique legacy project, and we thank our friends, well wishes, and partners for all you have contributed so far and ask for you continued support on the journey to celebrate the very best of British Bangladeshi community in 2021.

Ayesha Qureshi MBE JP
Cllr Abdal Ullah

Founder & Editor of The British Bangladeshi Power & Inspiration